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PRISTINE PRESTIGE  MASI ( Alberto & Felerio*)   -  Tribute to Tulio Campagnolo  + 50 th Anniversary  


Manufactured between 1975 and the late 1980s, the Prestige is a cycling masterpiece designed and built by Alberto Masi.  A modern version of the Gran Criterium (his father Faliero's masterpiece), with which the Prestige shares a unique attention to details, 

meticulously filled lugs and an austere elegance.


Less than 200 miles on spotless pearl white Masi signed by Alberto with Felerio fluted/pantographed stem.


L'eroica/show quality - suited with sparkling 50 th Anniversary Gruppo* - see pictures.


*In 1983 Tullio Campagnolo, passed away. To honor his accomplishments, Campy took their prized Super Record Gruppo,  the pinnacle of road bike components, and produced the “50th Anniversary Gruppo”.


 This Gruppo came as pictured -  containing a crank, pedals, brake calipers, and levers, front and rear derailleur, seatpost, front and rear hubs, bottom bracket, and even brake and derailleur cables.


Each component is pantographed with a 50th-anniversary insignia, with the Super Record cranks adorning “Campagnolo Tullio” down the drive-side crank arm. The components have 24k gold medallions placed strategically throughout.

The MASI Gallery
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