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Brian's Song

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R. Brian Baylis, 

A legendary craftsman in the world of bicycles, left an indelible mark on the cycling community with his unparalleled skill and dedication to his craft. Born with a passion for cycling and a talent for craftsmanship, Baylis's journey was one of both determination and serendipity.

Baylis's dedication to his artistry was evident from the start. While his peers embraced the emerging technologies of high-tech titanium and carbon fiber frames in the early 1980s, Baylis remained loyal to the timeless elegance of steel vintage Italian bicycles. His appreciation for the classics led him to cherish his father's 22-pound Italian Super Corsa Cinelli while others pursued lighter, albeit more expensive, options. Baylis's discerning eye and commitment to quality set him apart in a world increasingly enamored with the latest innovations.

The turning point in Baylis's journey came when he encountered a customized Brian Baylis Schwinn Paramount at Ralph Carnavales Bicycle Emporium in Huntington Beach. The craftsmanship and beauty of this handmade masterpiece captivated him, leading him to recognize the profound difference between mass-produced bicycles and the bespoke creations of artisans like Baylis.

Renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising pursuit of excellence, Baylis earned the moniker "Bugatti" for his ability to craft bicycles that were not merely functional but works of art in their own right. His mastery extended beyond the physical construction of the bikes to include the intricate process of painting, with each stroke reflecting his passion and expertise.

Throughout his illustrious career, Baylis created a limited number of masterpieces, each bearing his distinctive touch and embodying his ethos of "Solo il meglio" – only the very best. Rumored to have crafted and painted a total of 76 Wizard/Baylis bikes, his legacy lives on through these extraordinary creations.

For over four decades, enthusiasts like the author of "Brian's Oeuvre" have dedicated themselves to tracking and capturing these Holy Grails of cycling history. Each Baylis bike tells a story, from "The Connoisseur" to "Brian's Song," reflecting not only Baylis's technical prowess but also the unique narratives that surround them.

In the world of cycling, R. Brian Baylis remains an icon, his name synonymous with craftsmanship, quality, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. As enthusiasts continue to cherish and seek out his masterpieces, Baylis's legacy endures as a testament to the enduring appeal of handmade bicycles crafted with passion and precision.

Brian Baylis had seen many changes in the bicycle business. Despite fad after fad, he maintained a refined, traditional direction and his work has always represented the highest standard available. Brian began his frame building career with the startup of Masi USA in 1973.
After Masi, he and partner Mike Howard operated Wizard bicycles for a few years. From that time Brian was on his own; building, painting and restoring special bicycles.  He will be missed.

Some of Brain's creations
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This site is a tribute to R. Brian Baylis.


The bikes displayed under “Brian’s Song" were created by R. Brian Baylis.


All other bikes (Theme - Pursuit)

herein were either conceived, assembled, painted or influenced by Mr. Baylis over a period of 50 years.


 “If it’s interesting or fun enough - DO IT !"

                                              Brian Baylis/Elon Musk

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The Connoisseur
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The Wizard #1
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The Schwinn Paramount
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The POG Bike
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The Lance Armstrong Bike
Brian Baylis at the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show.
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