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Brian's Song

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        (Only the very best)


A little history, a lot of luck.

“If you are lucky, even your rooster will lay eggs”

My athletic/Tri friends switched to high-tech/titanium/ carbon-fiber frames in the early 80’s. I stayed with steel vintage Italian old school.

Said friends spent fortunes to get their thermo-nuclear belch fire carbon fiber two wheelers under 15 lbs. I polished and loved my father’s 22 lbs. Italian Super Corsa Cinelli. Mentally challenged dwarfs rode 30 lbs. American Schwinn boat anchors.

I was ready to purchase my first Calif. Masi/Campy from Ralph Carnavales Bicycle Emporium in Huntington Beach. Just a couple years earlier I had bought Porsches

from deploying USMC pilots (Vietnam era) for less. Ralph C hands me the most beautiful “frame” I had ever seen. A short coupled “customized” Brian Baylis OMG Schwinn Paramount. $700.

The difference between any production bike and a handmade Wizard/R. Brian Baylis Bike is like the difference between a lightning bug and lighting.

Rumor had it, Brian "Bugatti" Baylis created and painted his own brand of masterpiece bikes/Wizard - a total of 76 masterpieces.

I have spent 40 + years tracking/capturing the Holy Grail(s).- Wizard #1- The Connoisseur - Brian's Song (his personal favorite) Wizard/Baylis bikes are masterpieces Theme/Project bikes herein have interesting legends - please enjoy.

Brian Baylis had seen many changes in the bicycle business. Despite fad after fad, he maintained a refined, traditional direction and his work has always represented the highest standard available. Brian began his frame building career with the startup of Masi USA in 1973.
After Masi, he and partner Mike Howard operated Wizard bicycles for a few years. From that time Brian was on his own; building, painting and restoring special bicycles.  He will be missed.
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This site is a tribute to R. Brian Baylis.


The bikes displayed under “Brian’s Song" were created by R. Brian Baylis.


All other bikes (Theme - Pursuit)

herein were either conceived, assembled, painted or influenced by Mr. Baylis over a period of 50 years.


 “If it’s interesting or fun enough - DO IT !"

                                              Brian Baylis/Elon Musk

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The Connoisseur
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The Wizard #1
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Paramount Full Bike Trans.png
The Schwinn Paramount
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The POG Bike
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The Lance Armstrong Bike
Brian Baylis at the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show.
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