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Some 30 years ago Joe and his wife Cathi found themselves both fascinated and enamored with collecting and the personalities associated with the collection world.
Some 40 years ago Cathi (my wife) and I, found ourselves fascinated with "collecting" in general and enamored with the personalities associated within the collection world.  Starting in the mid-80's with a faddish kid's game called "Milk-caps" and later became more popularly known as POGs (where we sold millions of licensed POGs to Disney  and Coke Cola) to the collecting of fine art from renowned artists such as  George Rodrigue (Blue Dog Series) and commissioned art from  Bart Forbes (US Postage Stamps and sports personalities, Muhammad Ali), and from Drew Struzan (Movie Poster Master, Star Wars, Indian Jones and so many others) to golf club development (the Corvi putter, developed with my Father (NASA Chief Engineer on The Apollo Program for North American Aviation)) to the collection of Powered-flight and Apollo Program space memorabilia and finally, while in parallel to the eclectic collection of  the media, mentioned above, we were drawn to the fascinating world  of classic and vintage bicycles, which is summarized herein on this website.

Sharing this website of our bicycle collection is meant to inspire others to this exciting world and to help in the promotion of classic and vintage bicycles.

Please enjoy our collection.
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